The Valley Girl Teams Up With Barbie for NYFW!

The Valley Girl, Jesse Draper, teams up with Barbie at New York Fashion Week this year to dicuss wearable tech and all the latest trends.  Check out this video where Jesse interviews Charlotte Ronson, Cynthia Vincent, Perez Hilton and a few others in the Barbie lounge on their Barbie inspirations! 

We Love Emma Watson

Last week, Emma Watson, actress, model, Brown University graduate, and UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador, spoke in front of the United Nations at the He For She event in New York last week.  She beautifully and articulately explains how important feminism is, and how the need for gender equality is so important.  At Valley Girl, we love a woman who isn't afraid to shake things up, and she definitely deserves our Valley Girl #newgirlcrush seal, and title of honorary Valley Girl!  Watch the video and don't be afraid to speak up! #heforshe

Join Jesse & Barbie at Fashion Week!

The next event on Jesse's calendar is New York Fashion Week this week! First stop -- Barbie!  The Valley Girl is very excited to be hosting the Barbie Lounge at NYFW!  Barbie has been inspiring girls and fashion designers alike since 1959.  From engineer to veterinarian, Barbie has dabbled in zillions of professions and with the recent launch of Entrepreneur Barbie -- for the first time she has the same career as Jesse!
Calling all New York based #ValleyGirls – please come join us for #NYFW in the Barbie Lounge THIS WEEK on September 5th and 6th! And for those of you not in the area, you can still join us in the Barbie Lounge online by keeping up with our stream!  
#Unapologetic #BarbieInspired

Barbie CFDA Valley Girl New York Fashion Week Jesse Draper

VidCon 2014

The videos have loaded and buffered, the paid advertisements have been skipped, and video playlists watched through… Vidcon 2014 has come and gone, and our one and only Valley Girl had a chance to interview some of the biggest movers and shakers in the online video world at this incredible annual event. Vidcon is the largest convention celebrating online videos in the world, celebrating fans, video creators, and online video lovers of all kinds.
Fast Company sent Jesse to the convention to interview some of our favorite YouTube celebrities, and have just this week released four videos featuring her interviews. Be sure to check them out by clicking on the title of the video, and click on the stars’ names to check out their YouTube channels! As they say on YT, be sure to #clickonthelinkbelow and #subscribe  

“What The Biggest YouTube Stars Really Think About The Agencies Controlling Content” featuring the Valley Girl’s interviews about multi-channel networks with iJustine, Bethany Mota, Hannah Hart, What’s Up Elle, and EvanTubeHD.
Fast Company Jesse Draper Valley Girl Interviews at VidCon

“The Audience-Building Secrets Of Top YouTube Stars” featuring Jesse’s interviews with SMOSH and MysteryGuitarMan.
Fast Company Jesse Draper Valley Girl Interviews at VidCon

“The Art Of Selling The Brand Of You On YouTube” has great insights on how to grow a business when the business is you, where Jesse interviews Ingrid Nilsen (Miss Glamorazzi), and gathers onsite from YT celebs Stevie Boebi (Stevie and Sarah), Evan Gregory (The Gregory Brothers), Rebecca Black (Rebecca), and more!
Fast Company Jesse Draper Valley Girl Interviews at VidCon

“Get Rich Or Die Lol-ing: The Truth About Making It On YouTube” is a fun video where Jesse talks to full-time YouTubers iJustine, Bethany Mota, Hannah Hart, and What’s Up Elle.
Fast Company Jesse Draper Valley Girl Interviews at VidCon

TV Premiere Party

Sunday night was a great night for "The Valley Girl Show with Jesse Draper", the Valley Girl herself, and all involved with the production of the show!!

As many of you may know, after five fab years since Jesse launched her show online, she made the giant leap to TV, and we at VG are so, so proud of her!! The show premiered this past Sunday, Aug 3, and many startups, techies, sponsors, and family and friends were in attendance to celebrate the occasion and to watch the episode on the big screen—literally!! A very large projection screen was set up in a swanky viewing room with rows of cushions set up for guests to laugh along and learn about all the new technologies premiered on the show!  Here's to many more interviews and high fives to come!  #cheers 

Some of Jesse's best girl friends came to support her! 

The night wouldn't have been possible without the support from our awesome producers! 

The Valley Girl's brothers came to support their big sis!
Jesse, Billy, and Adam Draper

Check out the big screen!

The crowd loved the show!  Three cheers for the Valley Girl! 

Jesse on ELEO's Women in Tech Panel

Jesse had a blast speaking on the Women in Tech panel at the ELEO 2014 Conference! Women on the panel who contributed to the fun were, Gayle McDowell of Career Cup, Adriana Gascolgne of Girls in Tech, and Maria Zhang of Alike! #powerfulwomen #womeninbusiness

#CreatingCapital in Denver

On July 15, Jesse flew to Denver to speak on a women's panel hosted by Personal Capital.  The evening, #CreatingCapital, revolved around women, wine, and networking, while covering how to lay the foundations for financial health and wealth.  

Jesse spoke alongside Rebecca Jackson, COO of GoGirl Finance, as well as Catha Mullen who works in Business Development at Personal Capital.  Jesse was so excited to see women with diverse professional paths learning how to take control of their investments not only in their portfolios, but also in their careers.  

Here are some pictures from the event:

Creating Capital Denver Valley Girl

Creating Capital in Denver

Creating Capital in Denver Panel Valley Girl

Personal Capital in Denver

Personal Capital in Denver

Stanford Women's Health Forum

Jesse hosts a panel at Stanford University Women's Health Forum

The 5th Annual Women’s Health Forum: Golobal Women’s Health was held on May 21st, put on by the The Stanford WSDM Center.  WSDM (Women & Sex Differences in Medicine, or “wisdom”) aims to expand our knowledge of women’s health and sex differences in biology and medicine, from conception through the lifespan, in every medical discipline, from basic science to clinical research and population health science.  Ruth Levine, PhD, Director of the Global Development and Population Program at The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, delivered the keynote "Girls Count: A Global Investment & Action Agenda (Start With a Girl)".  Jesse was a fantastic host to the panel of totally amazing speakers that covered topics ranging from rape prevention to healthy microbes passed from mothers to children.  Check out the Program Guide to learn more! 

Katie Couric Show

Jesse was so excited to return to The Katie Couric Show for her Mother’s Day edition of her Tech Tuesday segment. Jesse shows off the best new apps and websites for busy moms!

The Valley Girl shows Katie Magisto, an app that puts all of your mobile photos into a totally adorable movie. Another app to download is called Gyft, which organizes all of your gift cards so that you always have them when you go shopping! Mommy Poppins is one of our favorite mommy resources for when you’re on the go with your little one in a new city. And of course a Valley Girl’s social life shouldn’t end at mommy-hood, so Mom Meet Mom is a great resource to meet some moms in the neighborhood without having to scope out a PTA meeting. Jesse’s final Mother’s Day app is TheBouqs, a flower delivery site, because who doesn’t love fresh-cut stems? Log on to to order flowers for a $40 flat fee, or you can hint to your man to map out a year’s worth of flowers so that he stays out of the dog house for good (or at least on your favorite holidays!)  

Watch the whole segment here

Aren’t Jesse’s Cristina V jewels gorgeous???
Cristina V jewels


Oh hey, Katie! We’d let you be a Valley Girl any day!
Backstage at The Katie Couric Show


Loving Jesse’s BCBG dress!
BCBG dress


Our Valley Girl is getting ready for her closeup!
Make up and hair at The Katie Couric Show

Jesse’s getting down to business!
Jesse Draper on The Katie Couric Show