Join Jesse & Barbie at Fashion Week!

The next event on Jesse's calendar is New York Fashion Week this week! First stop -- Barbie!  The Valley Girl is very excited to be hosting the Barbie Lounge at NYFW!  Barbie has been inspiring girls and fashion designers alike since 1959.  From engineer to veterinarian, Barbie has dabbled in zillions of professions and with the recent launch of Entrepreneur Barbie -- for the first time she has the same career as Jesse!
Calling all New York based #ValleyGirls – please come join us for #NYFW in the Barbie Lounge THIS WEEK on September 5th and 6th! And for those of you not in the area, you can still join us in the Barbie Lounge online by keeping up with our stream!  
#Unapologetic #BarbieInspired

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