Katie Couric Show

Jesse was so excited to return to The Katie Couric Show for her Mother’s Day edition of her Tech Tuesday segment. Jesse shows off the best new apps and websites for busy moms!

The Valley Girl shows Katie Magisto, an app that puts all of your mobile photos into a totally adorable movie. Another app to download is called Gyft, which organizes all of your gift cards so that you always have them when you go shopping! Mommy Poppins is one of our favorite mommy resources for when you’re on the go with your little one in a new city. And of course a Valley Girl’s social life shouldn’t end at mommy-hood, so Mom Meet Mom is a great resource to meet some moms in the neighborhood without having to scope out a PTA meeting. Jesse’s final Mother’s Day app is TheBouqs, a flower delivery site, because who doesn’t love fresh-cut stems? Log on to thebouqs.com to order flowers for a $40 flat fee, or you can hint to your man to map out a year’s worth of flowers so that he stays out of the dog house for good (or at least on your favorite holidays!)  

Watch the whole segment here

Aren’t Jesse’s Cristina V jewels gorgeous???
Cristina V jewels


Oh hey, Katie! We’d let you be a Valley Girl any day!
Backstage at The Katie Couric Show


Loving Jesse’s BCBG dress!
BCBG dress


Our Valley Girl is getting ready for her closeup!
Make up and hair at The Katie Couric Show

Jesse’s getting down to business!
Jesse Draper on The Katie Couric Show