More about our latest guests…

Richard Berwick, Co-Founder of Twindom

Twindom uses a special camera and rotating platform to capture a 3D scanning of you! Twins are used for many occasions from wedding cake toppers, to capturing new beginnings, accomplishments, and more! Check out Twindom’s website to book your own 3D Photo Session today! 

Twitter: @Twindom3D
Instagram: @Twindom3D


Suneel Gupta, Founder and CEO of Rise

Rise is the diet app that allows you to have a private nutrition expert right in your pocket! Visit the Rise website to read on inspiring weight-loss stories and download the app!

Twitter: @Rise


Alisa Gould-Simon, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Pose

Pose is the “Instagram of Fashion,” it is the app that helps you buy, sell, and trade clothes! Pose is available for iOS and Android, download the app today!

Twitter: @Pose
Instagram: @PoseApp


Todd Wagner, Billionaire Philanthropist and Founder of Chideo

Chideo (Charity + Video= Chideo) allows users to inexact with their favorite celebrities all in the name of doing good. Chideo was recently named Best New App in the App Store!

Twitter: @Chideo
Instagram: @Chideo


94Fifty is a GPS Basketball that connects to your smartphone and helps you improve on your basketball techniques. The ball is set to measure shot arc, release, backspin, dribble power and more!

Twitter: @94Fifty
Instagram: @94Fifty

and Rick Barry had blast playing a 1 on 1 game with the 94Fifty basketball! 



Google Glass 

Google Glass is the handsfree computer you can wear, Jesse is now a Glass Explorer! 

Twitter: @googleglass
Instagram: @googleglass