Our New Set by Laurel & Wolf

You may have noticed on the TV pilot of The Valley Girl Show with Jesse Draper that the Valley Girl has changed her look -- in more ways than one!  To celebrate her big move from the computer screen to the TV screen, the Valley Girl decided that a fresh new look for her set was in order, so Jesse called upon her friends at Laurel & Wolf, an online home design company (for which she is an investor!) to do what they do best.  

At Laurel & Wolf, multiple designers competed to fulfil our vision, and then we picked the winning design within our budget, including a style board, a furniture plan, shopping list, along with instructions for the designer.   Their 3-step process was so efficient!  

Here's the skinny on how it works: 1. Tell them about your space.  Take the style quiz and create a room profile.  They ask you a few questions to get a feel for your space and your needs, and then you chose a package and lauch the contest between the Laurel & Wolf designers, all based in the U.S., competing to create your dream space.  2. You'll then recieve multiple designs from their network of professional designers.  You can give the designers feedback during the contest so that they can improve their designs.  3. Finally, choose the winning design!  L&W guarantees (100% money-back!) that you'll walk away with a design you'll love!

We couldn’t be happier with the Valley Girl’s new set!  Since L&W works with both residential and commercial spaces (including hospitality, retail, space planning, home staging, project management, and event design!) which space of yours will you use them for?  

#getyourdesignon     Also, be sure to check out their blog for a little design inspiration! 

Here's a pic of our original set from our web show days! We certainly were thinking pink!

The Valley Girl Show Laurel and Wolf

This is one of the design boards we were sent from the Laurel & Wolf design team.  While we didn't end up going with it, we absolutely adore its feminie feel! 

The Valley Girl Show Laurel and Wolf Design Board

Below is a picture of the winning design board that our team picked!  While we will always love pink, we love how this design mixes it up with a touch of teal! 

The Valley Girl Show Laurel and Wolf design board option 2

Can't forget the finished product! Here's a behind the scenes shot of the new set!  Thank you so much Laurel & Wolf!! We LOVE our new VGS stage! 

The Valley Girl Show Set Laurel and Wolf

The Valley Girl Show Set Jesse Draper